k6iv is international for kõiv is south estonian for birch.
k6iv is a multifunctional interior or exterior textile panel.
It can be used as a curtain, sunscreen, windbreak or just as a decorative element in your home or garden.
By the use of a smart and easy cord clamping technique, the textile fits everywhere and it is a child’s play to fix it.
Since printed with a UV-sensitive colour, the textile is changing his look according to the lighting conditions.
On the inside or during the night, you can see just a light shadow of the printed canopy of leafs.When the sun lighten on the textile, the photochromic ink is getting activated and the pattern of the birch benches becomes purple in different intensities whereby a threedimensional effect occurs.
So sunlight means colour, means shadow, and a shadow causes a brightening, so shadow is light...