The fabric collection „Still“ comprises designs for the textile interior of a restaurant. In the context of my pre-diplom,a conceptual, woven fabrics and textile experiments were developed for different gastronomic applications. Exemplary the Restaurant "One happy cloud" in Stockholm was choosen to redesign its interior.
For this restaurant a textile concept was developed which is related to the artwork "November 1954" by Clifford Still.
His large-formate paintings are evoking a pacifying and at the same time dramatic effect because of their simplicity and the colour luminance. That's why I have chosen "November 1954" as an eye-catcher for the restaurant. The artpiece measures more than 7 square meters. With this noteworthy dimensions"November 1954" is able to give a calming and chary athmosphere to the rooms.
For the textile collection, above all the colours of the piece of art and its effects on the observer were focused.
The fabrics are providing and intensifying the artwork without emphasizing to much.
The visual content should not be reproduced, but the calmness of the artpiece should be increased.