....when the good is close by?
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Probably I am speaking for most people when I allude to a desire for the sea, to a exhilarating happiness while being at the seaside or when I talk about a gentle, secret dream to own a small cottage close to the sea.
Within this project functional textiles were created, but with a particular function: They shall pacify, they shall reach the human being by evoking special sensory perceptions and they shall make people fortunate by the reproduction of seaside emotions.


This subjective well-being – above all known as "luck" – is different for everybody.
But there are some criteria which are mostly brought into connection with the sea:
Freedom, sweeping expanse, wind, the sound of the sea, tranquility, remoteness from everyday life, blue, daydreaming, lightheartedness, soft sand, vitality, spilling spray, moisture, goose bumps, shimmering fishes, screaming seagulls, salt, feeling safety, the even rhythm of the waves, heat, nature, ...


This associations I collected from my memories of happy moments at the seaside.
A major role played the contrast between the sea as a proud, uncredibly nice natural force and the human being with its peculiar behaviour at the beach, its umbrellas, the towels and the bright colours....simply and precisely what an attentive observer can remark on a sunny day at the beach...